Corporate Disputes is a quarterly e-magazine dedicated to the latest developments in corporate and commercial disputes.


In this issue we present features on group actions in arbitration and on financial institutions litigation. We also look at arbitration in the Americas; commercial disputes; enhancing transparency; international insurance and reinsurance arbitration; pro-arbitration decisions in Hong Kong; the new investment court system; enterprise resource planning litigation; the role of insurance in litigation; the future of litigation funding; ADR solutions for small business problems; dispute resolution in Turkey; restrictive covenants; cyber security and employee risks; attorney-client privilege; the Frade oil spill litigation;  class actions coming the UK; French class action; securities class actions in Canada; securities class actions in the United States; and more.


In this issue we present features on mediation versus litigation and on EU trademark reform. We also look at data protection and cyber security litigation; choice of court agreements; reading what the contract doesn’t say; litigation risks and challenges facing the oil & gas industry; managing asbestos claims and litigation; ITC jurisdiction; Swiss attachment law; resolving boardroom disputes; health and safety offences; arbitration in Asia; binding arbitration; cultural considerations when appointing arbitrators; foreign awards in Ukraine; ADR processes; dispute resolution in Scandinavia; ‘multi-step’ dispute resolution clauses; collaborative fairness; investment mediation; disputes in the energy sector; and more.


In this issue we present features on arbitration in the workplace and on Google’s alleged violation of European antitrust laws. We also look at recognition and enforcement of international arbitration awards in Latin America; amicus curiae interventions; lessons from the Raytheon judgments; damages analysis; litigation challenges concerning biosimilars; class actions in the health sector; the Greek 2012 bond haircut; practical lessons for cross-border insolvency; tax disputes and investigations; shareholder’s liability for procedural costs; derivative claims and unfair prejudice petitions; qui tam actions and false claims litigation; nuisance claims; getting the earliest possible settlements; discovery and technology in disputes; and more.