Corporate Disputes is a quarterly e-magazine dedicated to the latest developments in corporate and commercial disputes.

Oct-Dec 2014 Issue

In this issue we present features on dispute resolution clauses and intellectual property disputes related to 3D printing. We also look at shareholder litigation; trade secret disputes; disputes in the energy sector; evaluating damages; using technology to manage disputes; e-discovery in China; arbitrating M&A disputes; US securities litigation; discouraging lawsuits in Delaware; applying false claims acts to tax matters; multi-tiered dispute resolution clauses; the ADR movement; arbitration in Mexico; compliance standards in Germany; contract interpretation in Canada; Russia-related litigation proceedings; and more.

Jul-Sep 2014 Issue

In this issue we present features on safeguarding intellectual property and the new rules for UK arbitration. We also look at litigation funding; dispute resolution in Africa; developments in the BVI; disputes arising from LIBOR; valuing tangible and intangible assets; inter partes review; trade secrets litigation; evidence and discovery; economics in mining disputes; tax disputes in the US; FCPA compliance defences; deferred prosecution agreements; emergency arbitrators; a code of conduct for arbitrators; third-party funding disclosure; expert determination; and more.

Apr-Jun 2014 Issue

In this issue we present features on the spiralling cost of arbitration and securities litigation in the United States. We also look at patent litigation; resolving disputes; multiparty disputes; improving settlement decisions, the False Claims Act; ITC Section 337 patent disputes; US jurisdiction over foreign corporations; international arbitration rules; commercial arbitration in Brazil; disputes with Chinese SOEs; bankruptcy disputes; EU competition law; dispute boards; e-commerce dispute resolution; getting the most out of mediation; the skill of listening; disputes with Russian and CIS companies; and more.