JUL-SEP 2018 Issue

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Cyber security concerns in international arbitration

Award enforcement issues in international arbitration

Disputes in the construction sector

Effects of the Belt and Road initiative on dispute settlement in the region

Infrastructure disputes

No-poach agreements: navigating tumultuous seas

Cartel investigations and litigation

Extraterritorial sanctions – going back to the future?

Best practices to streamline document management

Discovery in cyber and data breaches

How the challenges facing CFOs today can lead to disputes

Product safety, preventive counsel and managing recalls

Trends and developments in shareholder activism

What information can a minority shareholder demand from a company?

Managing tax disputes in the Asia-Pacific region

Contract interpretation: a fresh quest for contractual certainty in commercial dealings?

Climate change and dispute resolution: identifying and managing risk

Reimbursement of subpoena compliance costs

The complexities of bilateral settlements in multi-party funded litigation

Dispute resolution trends: specialty treatment of ‘small claims’

The courts of the Abu Dhabi Global Market: exciting developments

Sixty years since the New York Convention: the expansion and evolution of global arbitral practice

The role of the appointing authority in challenge procedures

Summary procedures in international arbitration

The place to be: finding the right seat of arbitration

Arbitrating sports disputes

The tyranny of market shares: incorporating survey-based evidence into merger analysis

Disputes arising from M&A transactions



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International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR)


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