Year on year, more businesses are seeking to resolve their disputes through mediation. Our Seventh Mediation Audit 2016 showed that there has been a 5 percent increase on 2014 with now over 10,000 mediations taking place annually (excluding small claims) in England and Wales.

The long-term investments some businesses have made by introducing mediation into their legal strategy and corporate DNA are definitely paying dividends. Erin Gleason Alvarez, Global Head of ADR Programs at AIG, claims that “there is no doubt that systemised and structured use of ADR, from triage to file closure, helps to bring about effective outcomes, fosters efficiencies and results in tremendous savings in litigation expense”.

As the market grows, so too has the number of professionals and organisations offering mediation services. Mediator skills and practice need to keep up with the increasing sophistication of the user and the growing needs of business and with this the importance of finding the right professional for your case. If you are considering mediation for the first time, how will you find a mediator that will guide you? If you have had previous experience, how can you ensure the mediator you are using possesses the necessary skills and experience? To maximise your time and money, it is important to make the best choice of professional possible.

Jul-Sep 2016 issue